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    Our savings services are mobilizing saving from sales, term certificate, project sponsoring, share equity and loan equity

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    Our Loans services are micro finance loans to farmers, agric entrepreneur, housing loans under build, operate and transfer (BOT)

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    Project Funding

    We love to help people get funds; we help them by project writing and soliciting fund for support as follows: Find needs for support by showing the needs we want to address and the people affected by these needs We gather statistics and documentation to proof the needs, Tell funders how we will do all these, Show the strategic in our working plan on how this will improve the life of those affected How we will measure our success Our commitment to the project and how we will support the project after the funding period ends. - Why the funder…

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    Project Writing

    Our project writing services is like writing project for farming in local crops and housing projects, looking for marketing of cash crop buyers.

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    Project Soliciting

    Our Project Soliciting services are helping community find funders for their projects. At the local level we make postal calling for investors and searching on the internet funders in the areas of concerned.

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    Other Services

    We also offer the following services: Training Mentoring Coaching Seminars and workshops Recruitment services Incorporation of business and setting up cooperatives


Abiccy Group is an amalgam of a Consultancy and Microfinance. We offer consultancy services to micro businesses which spans from accounting, book  keeping, tax and management advisory services. We enable fast and easy  access to financial services for micro businesses established in less privileged