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    Project Consulting

    We love to help people set up their projects be it agricultural, housing or any other business projects, we provide guides on how to set up theses projects properly.

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    Our Auditing services are to text evidences and express an opinion on the financial statements based on our audit. We provide a reasonable basis for our opinion making sure standards are respected to portray a true and fair view without material misstatement. With this assurance stakeholders can ascertain the assertion of our attestation.

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    Accounting & Bookkeeping

    Our accounting and bookkeeping services are manual of accounting procedures, documentations, basic bookkeeping, records, books of accounts and reporting periodically

  • auditing


    Our taxation services are tax compliance and tax planning by providing changes and options in the financial law in each current year concerning their respective businesses as they may be affected. These changes may also take the form of incentives available or adherence to the new procedures of particular business operations.


Abiccy Group is an amalgam of a Consultancy and Microfinance. We offer consultancy services to micro businesses which spans from accounting, book  keeping, tax and management advisory services. We enable fast and easy  access to financial services for micro businesses established in less privileged