What is Abiccy Group

Abiccy Group is an aggregate of a Consultancy and Microfinance. The consultancy from an accounting, bookkeeping, tax and management advisory services to micro business. The microfinance is enabling access financial services to less privileged communities


Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to seek windows to promote growth and expansion within the micro entrepreneurial market in the less privileged communities where such needs exist: the need for affiliation, the need for power, and the need for achievement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strive to enable micro businesses operate in safest environment, access skillful management advisory consultants, reach avenue for capacity building, benefit a wealth-liaison platform for funds mobilization, and partake in a liquidity access heaven for micro enterprises.

Our Values

Our values are:

Looking the workforce by treating employees beyond the law regarding wages, equal opportunity, and so on,

Considering the customers by providing an honest product or service at a fair price,

Putting safety ahead of profits by ensuring that customers aren’t hurt, regardless of whether an action results in a loss of profits.

Fitting in with the community, my making efforts to be good neighbours and to support our host communities in various ways, such as involvement in local business groups and nonprofits, sponsorship of local events and charitable programs, which can be both community-and nationally or globally based. This is all to demonstrate a consciousness and concern for our surroundings. Seeking out local vendors form many of the goods and services we need, reasoning that support for the community should be both economic and civic. Our managers and executive must polish our company’s image as a committed member in the community by serving on local boards for business, nonprofit, or civic groups.

Encouraging quality customer service by helping employees and workers remember that “ how can a business be profitable if it doesn’t have customers, and how can it find and keep customers if it doesn’t take care of them”

Thinking about shareholders by ensuring that while managers and executives focus to generate wealth for shareholders, they can’t use the company as a personal bank to finance their own lifestyles or business ventures,

Dealing with competitors like focusing on the virtues of our own product or service by stressing the features that make our product better; resort to pore over our competitors’ advertisements, annual reports, securities filings, patent applications , and news stories to find out what competitors are doing and what they may be planning to do, complete required laws or regulations steps to receive legitimate labels or certifications, use legitimate methods to gain market share like relying on the virtues of our product or service to attract customers,


Peter Aba Ajong

Mr. Peter Aba Ajong, married and a father of three, is a professional accountant on pupilage in a chartered accounting firm, PIERRE FAUPA, with CEMAC (Communauté Économique et Monétaire de l'Afrique Centrale) accredited number EC 217 and ONECCA (Ordre National des Experts Comptables et Comptables…

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